How to create and register new account

Create and register a new Qenite Games account

The Qenite Account gives you the ability to use and manage your accounts on the sites and games provided by Qenite Games Company 

Step one Create new account

Go to the registration page from the link above, then enter the required data on the registration page. This data will be used to log in to all Qenite Games sites and services.

Additional notes :  

  • Make sure to enter a valid email, the activation message will be sent to him
  • Make sure to enter a strong, unpredictable password
  • Username and display name must be different
Step two: Confirm your account by email

After creating the account, an email will be sent to the e-mail that you registered with. Go to your incoming messages and make sure to enter the link inside the message.

    Additional notes :  

    • If you do not find the message in the messages, make sure it is present in the filtered messages (Spam)
    • If the problem persists, verify that the email you registered with is correct

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