How to restore account password

Recover your Qenite Games account password

If you forget your Qenite Games account password, please follow the steps below to recover the password and re-enter your account.

Step one: Go to the account management page :

Go to the account management page to recover your account password and from this page click on forgot password to be taken to the password recovery page.

Additional notes:

  • Before you can recover your password, you must know what email you registered with
  • You must have access to the email that you registered with in order to complete the password recovery process

Step two: Enter your email:

After entering the password recovery page, enter your email address for the account you wish to recover in order to send an activation message to this email.

Step Three: Enter the new password:

Go to your email, you will find a message coming from Qenite Games company click on it, you will find in this message a link that takes you to the Qenite website click on this link to be taken to the new password entry page. Enter a new password to log in to your Qenite account again. After entering and confirming the new password, click on Confirm to be able to log in to your account now.

Additional notes:

  • If you do not find the message in the messages, make sure it is present in the filtered messages (Spam)
  • Make sure to enter a strong, unpredictable password

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