How to send a ticket

Submit a ticket for help

You can send your problems and suggestions directly to the specialized technical support team to help you by sending a ticket for technical support and you can monitor and view the responses of specialists on your problem and return to your old tickets whenever you want to see the problems that you encountered before and see the solutions that you have received.

Step one: Go to the Help Center page

Go to the Qenite Help Center page, from the top menu click on Send Ticket.

Fill out the information required to send the ticket to technical support and make sure the information entered is correct and then click Send to have the ticket sent to the dedicated help team to help you.

Additional notes:

  • In the issues about in-game characters, make sure to fill in the character's name field to get the best possible help.
  • Make sure you entered a clear title and describe your problem as a belief, and not be as brief as (Payment Issue).
  • To get the best possible help, be sure to put the appropriate category according to your problem.
  • Make sure to put the correct importance in the important field and do not put all problems under the highest importance to get the best possible help.
  • In the description box, make sure to explain the problem you are facing completely and comprehensively, and in case you can add help pictures, please do.

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